Professional Carpet Cleaning in London

The Carpet and Rug Cleaning Process.

Arranging a Visit:
Give us a call and request a free visit to discuss your needs or book over the phone to save time and we will arrange the carpet cleaning at your requested time and date.
Steam Carpet and Rug Cleaning in London
Before we visit:
We would like to request that you move and store away valuable items such as ornaments which are easily broken for insurance purposes. Even though we move most furniture very large and have furniture will not be moved so do make provision for that.

When we arrive:
Our operative will identify himself with a company photo ID that he is from E&D Carpet Cleaning. He will then go through his insurance/experience and diplomas in advanced carpet and upholster cleaning. As well he will explain a bit of the process and will take an request from your side about the job and property.

The cleaning process:
First of all we will move and arrange the furniture in the room we will start. We will then proceed to hover thoroughly the room to remove any dry soil and make sure the carpet is particle free.
Next we will identify the fabric to be cleaned as some fabrics have to be tackled in a particular way low P.H. or acetic rinse. We will than proceed to pre-treat heavy soiled areas as well as areas with stains and heavy traffic. This will eliminate dust mites allergens and lift any oil and soil particles in an aqueous solution.

Then the machine treatment is applied where the machine sprays a strong burst of water particles in the carpet this helps to break up dirt, bacteria and pollens that are in the carpet. The machine then immediately through its high vacuum pump extracts the solution together with all the dissolved dirt. The carpets are left looking clean and fresh.

Your furniture is replaced onto foil to prevent marks coming off onto the freshly cleaned carpet and to prevent and wooden furniture to get damaged.

After we leave:
Leave the carpets to dry for a couple of hours avoiding walking on them with dirty shoes.